About me

Ardian Binaj

Born 1966 in Vlore, Albania
Since 1993 in Germany
Metallurgies Engineer, since 2009 practicing artist


  • Ardian Binaj grew up in humble circumstances with his four siblings and his mother – after his father passed on when he was still young
  • His mother was artistically talented and the first defining influence on the artist Ardian Binaj
  • Ardian spent a lot of time at the studio of his uncle Hilmi Bani, a successful artist in socialist Albania
  • A key motive in the life and work of Ardian Binaj is the water
  • Two of his siblings are sculptors and influenced the artist’s perception of space and perspective with their sculptures
  • Ardian is a passionate swimmer and diver and swims daily in the nearby Langwieder Lake in Munich, no matter if Summer or Winter
  • He grew up in Vlore by the Albanian coast and from early on developed an eye for the breadth of perspective of the sea as well as the colours of the water and the sun
  • His works derive their strong choice of colour and power from these childhood memories of the coast, the sun and the dancing waves – a memory of home.
  • Throughout the years of his artistic career, Binaj has constantly autodidactively evolved his practice and operates liberally from academic conformity.
  • He has created a profoundly expressive collection, showcasing extensive variety and non-conformity.
  • Binaj’s art pieces undergo an open ripening process, in which each piece is continuously harmonized from an 360° perspective. Consequently, his works possess no recognizable top or bottom and come without frame, providing an experience of spatial infinity – a reminder of the infinite depth of the sea.
  • The uniting factor of his work is his expressive color relations and gestic colour application
  • One of Binaj’s great achievements as a painter is in inviting the onlooker to share his artistic experience through carefully juxtaposing his serious intentions with a naturally playful pallete and an eye for the light.
  • In his largest most complex works it is possible to hear the sunshine on the waves of his childhood.