My Practice

  • I always strive to work on the relationship I have with and my under standing about colours. It fills me with tremendous joy to create com plex and enigmatic abstract spheres on my Canvases. During the creative process, my focus lies on the feelings that precede each and every conscious decision.
With a free spirit I intend to break traditional parameters and invite the viewer to disentangle oneself from preconceived ideas and expectations. My works are independent from frames or fixed alignments. During my creative journey I have learned that art could be seen as a syllable that tingles in one’s mouth. The taste of their topics, which semiconsciously reoccur are: The natural world, relationships, experiences and arithmetic.


H2O (each turned to 90°)
2013, Oil on canvas
100 x 100 cm
AB 1302
  • I really enjoy visual poetry which radiates complex and philosophical ideas. With humility, I offer the thoughts and feelings of an experienced human which are translated onto Canvas and ultimately try to solve the universal human question of »why?« . Playfully, my artistic output confronts the existential »because«.